Backordr is the first honest drop catching service.

We help you backorder ccTLD domain names for just $99.

Supported ccTLDs: .io, .sh, .ac (more to come)

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How it works

Backordr doesn't operate like typical drop catching services - no public auctions, no auction sniping, no domain squatting, no inside deals, no bs. We believe that good people should be allowed to drop catch good domains without falling victim to bad services.

Here's a 3-step breakdown of our simple process:

1. Find a domain

Every day, we update our list of dropping domain names. We list every domain name that is dropping, and don't filter anything. We even tell you the exact time our software will begin attemping to register the domain name for you.

2. Place a backorder

Once you've found a domain name you'd like to own, simply place a backorder on that domain for $99. If you want it really badly, you can optionally place a silent auction bid.

In the event that more than 1 user places a backorder on the same domain name, the highest bid wins then and there. That's it. No multi-day public auctions. No bs.

3. Transfer to your registrar

After we register a domain name, there is a 60 day transfer lock period, and then it's yours to do what you want with. We've made it simple to transfer your domain name to the registrar of your choice, and encourage you to do so. We don't want the domain, we just wanted to help you get it. And we definitely don't want to enroll you in an auto-renew program. 🙂